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A New Year and a Best Friend

Carl White’s syndicated column features stories about his journey as a TV producer and host. Carl says “I am writing about the people I meet as I travel and the interesting places visited. They do not all end up on TV, but a lot do and everyone becomes a friends. It’s a wonderful journey”

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A New Year and a Best Friend

Frederick the Great, King of Prussia from 1740-1786 reportedly said “The more I see of men, the better I like my dog” He also referred to one of his Italian greyhounds as his best friend. I do not propose to understand all the responsibility and feelings of a monarch; however, I do care greatly for my canine companions, and I have it on competent authority that I am a member of a rather large group. 

In my numerous travels in the Carolinas, I have met many people with four-legged family members. I have gotten to know many of them and when I revisit or call it is common for me to ask of about their wellbeing.

Larry and Ginny in Murrells Inlet share their home with two Jack Russell Terrier’s Winston Churchill and Margaret “Maggie” Thatcher. Sometimes more are in residence. During my visits, I have witnessed the value and love shared with their four-legged housemates that can best be described as a family.

Ken and Laura share their home with Powder, a great white long-legged Boxer-Pit, mix who is as much family as any human member. Ken says Powder wouldn’t bite a biscuit if it were not buttered just right. Ken has a way with words and Powder has a way of touching the hearts of those who meet him.

Wayne and Pam have an extended family of canines, Bernice a Chihuahua and her brother Bilbo; and then there is Colt a Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix, who prefers being the alpha in all situations. They often travel with Wayne and Pam on their many adventures. Pam says they are family and when you travel it’s nice to have your family with you.

I’ve written about our four-legged pals before, and I’m likely to do it again. Spot, a terrier blend is the one which provides great comfort to me; I believe he helps bring a bit of calm when most needed. Harvard suggests there are many benefits to canine companionship including the idea that “Just petting a dog can reduce blood pressure and heart rate (while having a positive effect on the dog as well)” I believe this idea to be true as I have benefited from this therapy many times. 

The Chinese calendar has a place for the Dog; those born in 2018 will be an Earth Dog. I’ll need to get folk artist Charlie Frye to paint an Earth Dog in honor of our New Year and for the new lives that will surely grow to productive members of our Carolinas. Charlie painted a Rooster for 2017 as it was the year of the Rooster. I find the Chinese calendars interesting because China it is one of our worlds ancient societies. The use of animals seems to honor them in some way, and I think that’s a nice thing. 

My travels have provided me with opportunities to see and experience many things. I get along with just about everyone, and most animals seem to like me. I think that ability came from my father who loved animals; he was the happiest when a good variety of animals were around.

As it turns out the Chinese say, I was born a Wood Dragon and as the years pass, a Carolina dog seems to lessen the pain of splinters of time.

Here’s to the New Year


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