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Carl White
Host & Executive Producer

Carl White | Host & Executive Producer

Executive Producer and show host Carl White said “the development of the Life in the Carolinas syndicated shows has been a challenging, yet rewarding endeavor. The people and places of the Carolinas are simply so special and exciting that the stories about them yearn to be shared with a large audience. All we have to do is look at those who visit the Carolinas and so fall in love with the charm of our region. They decide this is the place for them to either relocate to or have a vacation home. It’s been that way for a long time. Meeting the great people who make the Carolinas a special place to live and to visit is a true honor. Producing stories around such a richly diverse culture provides the opportunity to present stories about these people who do good and interesting things and the environment in which they do it.”

With a diverse background that includes a variety of endeavors, Carl says that his work in promoting awareness of a wide range of international cultures through events, interviews and interactions has been invaluable, and provided the foundation and desire to create and produce the Life In The Carolinas TV Show. By reconnecting to the history of the Carolinas he discovered that other than the Native Americans who have lived in the region for thousands of years, everyone else is from somewhere else. Through this notion, combined with his love of nature, the people of the Carolinas, his passion for story telling and the support of encouraging friends, he forged ahead to develop the series Life In The Carolinas. Carl leads the research efforts. He spends about 1/3 his time on research trips and the remainder in production, marketing and administrative activities. The program’s team is growing with talented people who love the Carolinas.

Carl White’s Life In The Carolinas is an Emmy nominated and award winning syndicated TV show that features the great people and places of the Carolinas. Over the past several years, Executive Producer and Host Carl White has visited much of the Carolinas and has gathered and shared some amazing stories.
The show focuses on the inspiring and positive things that people do.

 We visit individuals and communities that have pulled together to accomplish extraordinary things. We have seen the power of one person’s vision that has become the passion of many and improved the lives of even more.The power of a well told story is amazing and has the potential of doing a lot of good. It is this idea that drives the creativity of our programming.

Carl says, “There are few things in life that a person can do that compares to celebrating the lives of others. Looking for the good and advancement in a journey makes life a bit better and gives hope for a brighter tomorrow for all of us. We love looking at our history, our today and our future, as they are all part of our reality.”
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Where to Watch

Charlotte, NC
WJZY Fox 46 Saturdays: 12:00pm/Noon- Check guide for additional listings
WMYT My 12   – Check Guide for listings

Greenville, Spartanburg, Asheville, Anderson
WLOS ABC Saturdays: 5:00am
WMYA My40 Sundays: 1:30pm

Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, NC
WFMY CBS Saturday:12:00pm Sundays: 4:00am

Raleigh, NC
WNCN – NBC 5:00am – Check guide for additional listings

Greenville, Newbern, Washington
WITN-2 MyTV Sundays: 11:00am

Wilmington, NC
WILMCBS Saturdays: 5:30am – Check guide for additional listings

What People Are Saying About the Show

“Carl is the Charles Kuralt of The Carolinas. He is an amazing storyteller.”
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— Geoff Roth, Television News Consultant
“You can actually feel the places and the people when watching Carl White’s show.”
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— Francene Marie, Beasley Broadcast Group
“Carl White, the gifted host of the hit television series ‘Life in the Carolinas’ has a nose for good programs like a trained hound for truffles.”
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— Doc Lawrence, Syndicated Columnist
“Carl White’s programs have proven instrumental in conveying the resurgence of economic development in Cleveland County. His ability to capture the essence of a story in a 10-12 minute segment is exceptional.”
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— Rusty Patterson, Executive Director Cleveland Community College Foundation
“You’re doing what no one else is currently doing...producing national quality regional syndicated stories focusing on local areas and real local people. This is very interesting to me. With so much emphasis on ‘localism’ in broadcasting these days, you seem to have hit this nail on the head. Well done!”
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— Jane Pigg, South Carolina Newspaper Publisher/Broadcaster
“This is the most amazing series and one of the best programs regarding North Carolina today. Carl White is phenomenal with his easy-going manner, sincere interest in the subject matter, and impressive presence.”
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— Elizabeth Sherrill, President, North Carolina Society of Historians