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The Charters of Freedom Close To Home

I remember the first time I traveled to Washington DC. It was a school trip many years ago; the schedule included all sorts of adventures to the museums, monuments, and the National Archives. Everything seemed unique and vital. At that time, I did not fully understand the significance of everything we were seeing. I’m sure I was not alone in feeling that way.

Over the years, I have developed a greater understanding of history and its value. I have come to understand that history is far more than a catalog of past events. In the case of our nation’s founding, we can explore the complexity of the process and stand in amazement at the creation of a governmental system that, by design, would allow for evolution.

Some years ago, we were on location in Morganton NC, working on a heritage festival story. Chad Medford was the camera operator that day. We were about halfway through our production when he noticed something new on the Town Square.

After exploring, he said he thought I should look as it would be the perfect place to do the segment’s opening. “It’s the Constitution,” he said.

Chad was right; it was the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Little did I know that I would meet the people responsible for the installation of that magnificent setting just a few years later.

It was the first of July 2019 that our friends in Lenoir, NC, called. They ask if I could be in town for a dedication ceremony by Foundation Forward for the Charters of Freedom that were being gifted to the County.

We did go, and I was pleased to learn that Foundation Forward was the same organization who installed the setting in Morganton. After the dedication ceremony in Lenoir, I met Vance and Mary Joe Paterson, the founders of Foundation Forward. Shortly after, we started work on the incredible story of the people who have decided to make a difference with a foundation dedicated to education and access to our nation’s founding documents.

It has been during this multi-year process that we have taken a deep dive into our nation’s founding. Getting to know our Founding Fathers has been an enlightening experience, especially so, when we look through the window of time.  It requires a bit more effort to understand period stories because the meaning is always in the context.

It’s not that hard to judge a situation that happened yesterday or consider what we are going to do tomorrow; however, have you ever given thought to the work and effort of our ancestors?

Our Founding Fathers had a significant task at hand. After a long and arduous process, we settled on our Declaration of Independence to set the stage for a formal Revolutionary War. After the American victory over Great Britain, we would become a Republic, like no other.

While Thomas Jefferson was in France, he sent the requested resources to his friend James Madison, which included 200 books.  This library provided Madison with an extensive review of world government structure. This review allowed him to consider what worked and what did not. Over time and with much-heated debate and compromise, The United States of America Constitution was ratified.

The Bill of Rights was an essential addition to ensure that certain civil rights were established.

The journey to establish our new nation was just about as complicated as anything could be.

The good news is that we now have all the time we need to study and learn of and from our history.

We are, however, excited about the reminders of the rights that “We the People” do have. When we take time to learn of our rights, obligations, and opportunities, we become empowered to be the best we can be.

Having local access to our nation’s Charters of Freedom empowers our students, veterans, and all of us.

What a fantastic gift to a community. 

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