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Creating your Wedding Survival Kit

You can purchase kits from various websites, but if you’d prefer you can build your own from scratch for a more personalized package. Your survival kit will have your day-of health and beauty needs; from must-haves to the just-plain-nice-to-haves. You’ll likely end up needing many of these items to get ready for the wedding, and to keep yourself feeling well through the reception. And of course, there are the items you hope you won’t have an occasion to use, but should a wedding emergency happen, you would definitely regret not having.

·         Antacid – In case of tummy troubles

·         Antiperspirant/deodorant – To keep yourself feeling fresh

·         Baby powder – Useful for getting out last-minute spills on a white dress

·         Band-Aids – In case of scuffs or scrapes

·         Blotting papers – Keep the shine away with oil-absorbing sheets

·         Breath mints – To keep breath fresh and get it ready for that first kiss

·         Brush and comb – To keep the hair in check

·         Cell phone chargers – To keep yourself fully charged

·         Contact lens solution – In case of contact issues 

·         Eye drops – look for redness reducing

·         Fashion tape – A quick fix for falling hemlines.

·         Hair spray – Splurge on a high-quality formula to make sure your ’do stays put

·         Headache Medicine – Preferably two different kinds in case anyone is allergic

·         Healthy snacks – To settle a nervous tummy

·         Lint brush/roller – To remove lint from clothing

·         Lipstick/Lip-balm To keep your lips moist and so you stay picture perfect for all those formal AND candid photos

·         List of vendors and phone numbers – To keep in touch

·         Lotion – For body and face

·         Makeup bag – Look for a larger bag to hold your day-of items

·         Moist Towelettes – For cleaning hands or makeup

·         Nail file – in case of any snags

·         Nail polish: Smooth out any unexpected chips

·         Safety pins – To secure any ripped garments

·         Sewing kit – In case of tears or rips

·         Smelling salts – In case of fainting

·         Stain remover – Pack a portable stain removing pen for any sudden spills or splatters

·         Sunblock – if you’ll be outdoors

·         Tampons and pads – In case of an unexpected visit from Aunt Flo

·         Tissues – For dabbing away happy tears (and keeping your eye makeup on point)

·         Tweezers – From stray hairs, to splinters, to clumped lashes, you never know when these will come in handy