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Ramón Luis RiveraIt's beautiful!17 hours ago

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JimandRobin DavisNever been there, on my bucket list, thanks for sharing,1   ·  17 hours ago

Monica KilgoI just moved back to Charlotte from the OBX. ..such a special place and worth the drive.1   ·  13 hours ago

Esther WhiteWill be going at the end of April.Grew up having family summer vacations there.1   ·  2 hours ago

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Life In The Carolinas TV Show shared North Carolina National Guard Museum's post. ... See MoreSee Less

Today is Medal of Honor Day, our country's highest award for valor above and beyond the call of duty. The first Medal of Honor was awarded on this day in 1863. How many North Carolinians have received this medal? The first photo below shows the Medal awarded to PVT Blackwell in WWI, and is on display at the NC History Museum in downtown Raleigh. The last photo is of the current style Medal, unchanged since the Vietnam War.

2 days ago

Catch our new episode "The Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights" tomorrow - Sunday at 11:00am and midnight on WZJY My Fox 46 in the Charlotte TV market. ... See MoreSee Less

Carl White explores the ongoing mystery surrounding the Brown Mountain Lights of Burke County, North Carolina. Carl speaks with experts, researchers and eye ...

6 days ago

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Diana LanierNot methane gas pockets, not lights reflecting from Hendersonville, not Indian ghost searching for his head, not ghost with lantern walking up the mountain, not phosphorescent lichen on logs....Firelies!6 days ago

Bill EvansGo to church early ,,get home to see at 11.1   ·  5 days ago

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Carl White’s Life in the Carolinas takes you on a journey around North and South Carolina, discovering the people, places, and events that celebrate the heart and soul of these great southern states.
With Carl you’ll get the personal stories of regional business owners, great places to visit and stay, unique restaurants and their chefs, as well as artists, musicians, civic leaders, and the cities and towns people responsible for carrying on deep rooted southern inspired traditions. You’ll also learn about the rich history of some of the most well known, and not so well known, Carolina features.
In the Carolinas, new developments and advancements are as common as its seasons of the year and Carl seems to always be in the know about it all.
If you live in the Carolinas, we’ll often see places and people you never knew existed.
If you’re just passing through, you’ll spend more time visiting and having fun in the Carolinas than you expected.
If you are looking from afar don’t be surprised if you develop a yearning to discover for yourself the treasures waiting in the Carolinas.

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“Carl White, the gifted host of the hit television series ‘Life in the Carolinas’ has a nose for good programs like a trained hound for truffles.”

Doc Lawrence, Syndicated Columnist

“You’re doing what no one else is currently doing…producing national quality regional syndicated stories focusing on local areas and real local people. This is very interesting to me. With so much emphasis on ‘localism’ in broadcasting these days, you seem to have hit this nail on the head. Well done!”

Jane Pigg, South Carolina Newspaper Publisher/Broadcaster