Carl White’s Life in the Carolinas

Filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina during the summer of 2001. It was filmed the same time as the popular television show, Dawson’s Creek. The film makers were given permission to use many of Dawson’s Creek’s filming sets, specifically the High School, Hospital and the Main Character Landon’s house was Dawson’s house.

This is one of the first of Nicholas Spark’s novels to be adapted to film. In fact many of his novels are based and filmed in North and South Carolina because he is actually a native of North Carolina.
This film follows two Wilmington, NC teens over a summer season. Landon (Shane West) is the cool guy and at times the bad boy in school. 

Jaimie (Mandy Moore) is a very “by the books” daughter of a preacher. When Landon gets into legal trouble he is forced to perform community service and the two teens from completely different worlds unexpectedly find each other and find love for the first time. But, a secret that Jaimie has been hiding from Landon begins to make their new found love seem impossible.