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The Outer Banks

A boat ride to Ocracoke and talks of Blackbeard

When I started out for my third visit to the Island of Ocracoke, I remembered a friend telling me he enjoyed taking the Swan Quarter Ferry because he had less drive time and more time to relax or do a bit of writing on the ride over. I normally enjoy taking the longer way, especially when the opportunity to see something new is around the corner. Today was different. I was traveling solo and the idea of having a driver for a few hours appealed to me. Read More →

It was to be a full moon night when I arrived on the Island, I had checked into The Cove Bed and Breakfast, as is my normal habit when researching for another Island story.

Sharon is the Inn Keeper and has a good feel for everything happening on Ocracoke. I ask if there were anything interesting going on that night and see said, well Amy is doing the Ghost Tour that blends in a lot of the Island history. An historic ghost tour on a full moon night sounded perfect. Sharon made the call and I was added to the list. 

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It sounds like you are completely flanked by water, wind and dark, or at least this is what your mind is telling you. It’s best to stop thinking about it so much and start driving again, so I did, and I soon saw the distant village lights of Buxton

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Imagine driving late at night across expansive bridges, knowing that you are crossing a great body of water, but you can’t see it, and then you are driving on a sand blown road. Curiosity gets the best of you, so you stop and roll down your window. It sounds like you are completely flanked by water…

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A few photos from our many visits to the Outer Banks