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Honoring our Veterans

As the nation pauses this Memorial Day to remember fallen service members, a native of Huntersville, North Carolina, has special responsibilities honoring fallen comrades in the nation’s capital with the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard.

“I lead the marching element of the ceremonial guard,” said Chief Petty Officer Andrew Klink, who joined the Navy 20 years ago.

Established in 1931, the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard is the official Ceremonial Unit of the U.S. Navy and is based at Naval District Washington Anacostia Annex in Washington, D.C.

According to Navy officials, the Ceremonial Guard’s primary mission is to represent the Navy in Presidential, Joint Armed Forces, Navy and public ceremonies under the scrutiny of the highest-ranking officials of the United States and foreign nations, including royalty.

Sailors of the Ceremonial Guard are hand selected while they are attending boot camp at Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. Strict military order and discipline, combined with teamwork, allow the Ceremonial Guard to fulfill their responsibilities with pride and determination. They are experts in the art of close order drill, coordination and timing.

Growing up in Huntersville, Klink attended North Mecklenberg High School and graduated in 2001. Today, Klink uses skills and values similar to those learned in Huntersville.

“I learned to try your best, not to settle for good enough,” said Klink.

These lessons continue to help Klink while serving in the military.

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A Waxhaw, North Carolina, native is serving with Naval Air Station Fallon supporting TOPGUN aviators at the Navy’s premier tactical air warfare training center.

Airman Jackson Mingledorff is a 2021 Union Academy graduate.

“Waxhaw taught me there are always challenges ahead but if you look on the bright side, they will usually end up well and you can make it out of them,” said Mingledorff.

These lessons have helped Mingledorff while serving in the Navy.

Today, Mingledorff serves as an air traffic controller on board Naval Air Station (NAS) Fallon, Nevada.

“I joined the Navy because it was a new opportunity for me,” said Mingledorff. “I was also interested in the educational benefits, the opportunity to travel and I was excited to have a job I could do for years in the future.”

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It’s been a great week in production. For several months we have been working on a special we have titled “Honoring Women in Service.” Several of the women that are included in our interviews were attending the American Legion World Series in Shelby.

Upon realizing that there was a gathering that included so many of these incredible women we booked the historic Bankers House in Shelby as a venue for the interviews. Before long we had fully scheduled three days.
I have conducted a lot of interviews over the years, and I remember many of them. However, I am confident that I will not forget the significance of the interviews with these women who have served our nation.

I have visited with many veterans through the years, and the diversity of stories and reflections remain exciting and thought-provoking. There are often common threads of brotherhood, patriotism, love of country and the American flag. Based on my interviews and understandably so, some are easy to talk about, and some are not

One of the many benefits of being in the Carolinas is the beauty of the four seasons, which provides constant change for our drives. I was recently on such a road while on the way for an interview with Air Force veteran Bud Byers. As we would say, Bud lives out in the country. I was enjoying the drive and all the sudden as I was coming out of modest curve I saw what can best be described as an impressive Veterans Flag memorial garden. Situated in the gentle arc of the road, as if the road was placed perfectly to allow drivers to get an effortless view.