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Picking your Wedding Date

One of the first things to mark off your Wedding Checklist is to pick a date. Here is a list of dates that might be better left alone. From holiday conflicts  to bad luck, you may want to avoid the below dates for both you AND your guests.

Holiday weekends where you have the following Monday off from work may be tempting when considering a date for your wedding. Yes, you have more time for the celebration and recovery, but remember that travel costs may also be higher. Additionally, reception venues sometimes charge higher fees for certain holiday dates. On top of the potentially higher cost, choosing holiday weekend can also have a high impact to your guest list, as some families have their own traditions they may not want to miss.

Religious and cultural holidays should also be considered; both yours and those of your guests. Certain religious traditions could not only put your potential guests in the tight spot of choosing their holiday traditions or attending your wedding, but could impact your wedding menu. A number of religions have year-round dietary guidelines, but there may be additional restrictions during certain holidays to consider if you want to ensure your guests are accommodated.  If you are planning to be married at a house of worship, there may also be restrictions on getting married during certain holiday timeframes.

Historically significant days of remembrance may also need to be avoided, especially if you come from a big military family.

For the major sports fans you may want to avoid getting married during significant sporting events.

If you’re superstitious, there are numerous inauspicious dates you might want to watch out for.

And don’t forget to check your own calendar for events such a reunions, birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries.

Alternatively, the thought of sharing your anniversary with Holidays or special dates may be appealing to you and your family. Either way, checking your calendars is a MUST when planning your special day.